WWF is managed at Federal level by a tripartite Governing Body having not more than (18) members, which includes members from Federal and Provincial Governments, representatives from workers and representatives from employers.

Functions Of The Governing Body

(a) To allocate funds, in accordance with the principles laid down under WWF Ordinance, 1971 to Provincial Governments, any agency of Federal Government and any corporate body for following purposes:

  • Financing of projects for the establishment of housing estates or construction of houses for workers.
  • Financing of other welfare measures including education training, re-skilling and apprenticeship for welfare of workers.

b) To sanction expenditure for administration and management
c) To invest in government, government guarantees, non-government securities and real-estate
d) To dispose the moveable and immoveable property of WWF & WWBs
e) To raise loans and to take measures for discharging such loans